How to choose a wine (from unusual places)!

21st October 2017

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How wines are named!

14th August 2017

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Ode to The Grape!

7th July 2017

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Hi and Welcome!

10th June 2017

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5 Reasons to love Wine

10th June 2017


It’s exciting
I’m not sure about you but I get excited just thinking about what wine I might open when I get home. Then it’s the surprise of the first sip not really knowing what it will taste like.
Winding down with your favourite drop...what a great way to end the day.


It’s an amazing sensory experience
Let me ask you this, what activity can you think of that engages all the senses?
The only one that I know of is drinking wine!
Just think about it for a moment. We use Sight (looking at the colour of the wine), Smell (smelling the aromas of the wine which is called the Nose), Touch (touching the wine glass and feeling the temperature of the wine) and of course Taste (tasting the wine).
The only sense that is missing is… Sound… and that’s one of the reasons why we clink wine glasses together when saying “Cheers”


It’s spiritual… in more ways than one.
We need to thank the monks that started wine making during the Middle Ages.
In fact the infamous champagne, Dom Perignon was named after a monk.
It is also used in many spiritual rituals as a symbolism of honour and respect.


It improves your general state of wellbeing
Most people feel happy when they’re drinking their favourite drop and as the research shows, happiness reduces stress, improves our immunity, prolongs life and gives us more energy
Wine also contains powerful antioxidants such as Polyphenol and Reservatrol that have cardio protective effects and anti cancer properties.


It’s a great excuse to get people together
I’m not sure if you’re a social butterfly but what a great excuse to catch up with friends for vino or what I often call “A Splash”.
It promotes connection and is a common denominator when meeting strangers for the first time.
If you’re single, what better way to take the pressure off a first date by suggesting meeting up for a glass or two?
And if you’re running out of conversation, just talk about the wine.